Find Your Balance - 21 Day Yoga Challenge

Win a year of FREE Yoga Around Town Classes

Sponsored by: Reebok Boston, KEEL Vodka, Purity Organic, sweetgreen and Tufts Medical Center

Introducing, the "Find Your Balance - 21 Day Yoga Challenge" is all about uniting the yoga community and having fun ON and OFF our mats. Throughout the month of June and ending on June 21st, International Yoga Day, we encourage you to follow along and "find your balance" - whether that's in a challenging inversion or indulging in other things you enjoy (insert all the emojis here)! There's no wrong way to find balance and through weekly yoga postures, check-in's and showing us how you find your balance...we're all in this together!

We can't wait to share this challenge and hope you'll join us for the experience! Check out how to participate plus how and WHAT you can win below! 

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