Yoga around town instructor



After noticing there was some sort of physical and spiritual aspect missing in her life, Gabby found yoga in the summer of 2014 which allowed her to appreciate the physical, mental, and emotional alignment that exists both on, and off her mat.

Gabby quickly learned that yoga resonated with a deeper part of her soul – the importance of change. Growing up, Gabby could be characterized as a novice nomad; moving from state to state around the country. It was then then that she discovered that change was the only true constant in life. She realized that each new day on the mat was simply a continuation of this very change and allowed her to recognize the perpetual evolution of movement, both physically and spiritually, within her practice.

In May of 2015, Gabby completed her 200-hour power yoga teacher training at Corepower Yoga in Boston. Gabby is also a certified teacher for Backcountry Yoga; a practice which blends yoga, hiking, and outdoor adventures. Her ultimate goal is to empower her students, on and off the mat, with mindful and purposeful movement to create a fun, non-judgment, and high-energy environment. Find Gabby on Instagram @allidoisgab.