Leah found yoga a few years ago and was instantly hooked. No stranger to physical fitness as life long cheerleader and athlete she missed the community and encouragement of being part of a team.

Through yoga, she discovered more than a new hobby but an appreciation for her body, breath and mental clarity. She loves how the practice allows each student the freedom to express themselves on the mat, while also flowing and vibing with the bodies around you. Leah hopes to empower her students to let the baggage go and leave class with a laugh.

In the spring of 2015, Yoga Around Town was born and from then on, Leah has been working hard to build and enhance the Yoga Around Town brand and community as Head Yogi. With the goal of providing the best yoga experiences that Boston has to offer and encouraging a fun-loving and welcoming approach to yoga practice - Leah finds all the joy in making Yoga Around Town events come to life. 

When she's not doing yoga you can catch Leah planning Yoga Around Town, at a music festival, playing with friends and on Instagram, at @leahhmariaaa.